An authentic cru: with the name of Pradego, in fact, both our Prosecco DOC and the small strip of territory in which our vines, grown according to organic methods. The fertilization of the soil takes place exclusively with vegetable and animal compost, and the defense is implemented with low quantities of copper, without any pesticides. Natural like a lawn, lush like a garden.


Between Veneto and Friuli. Our vineyard is located here, nestled on the pre-alpine hills in front of the Dolomites, not far from Venice and a few kilometers from the capital of Prosecco, Conegliano, in the small town of Caneva. An emblematic toponym: “caneva”, in the local idiom, means precisely cellar.


The environment has been optimized for the conservation of Pradego wine and its maintenance over time at the ideal climatic and environmental conditions for storage. The highest quality for a wine of excellence.